Katsuya Terada + Kim Jung Gi Illustration Book



Two of the most spectacular artists in Asia in one book. This book is a collaboration between Terada Katsuya and Kim Jung Gi (1975 - 2022) with a collection of fierce yet beautiful black lines and transcendent depictions of space.  Many readers might think, “Who drew what and how?” when looking through the art created by these two.

Instead of showing the works of these two artists in a traditional art book format, the editor decided to let the artists create their images freely as they would in their sketchbooks. We hope you take your time to slowly absorb the energy of the lines and appreciate the beauty of the colors, rather than focusing on the logic.

This book depicts the daily life of an artist.  

Softcover with Dust Jacket

English Text

Pages: 127

Colored and B&W

It also includes their own respective works and the interviews.