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Tetsuya Noguchi Collection “From Medieval with Love”

This collection is published in commemoration of his summer exhibit at Pola Museum in Tokyo, 2018. Phenomenal facial expressions of his antique humans, “Trip in Another World”, a story about a samurai and a goose traveling the night that never finds the day, and the oil painting of his men in armor as they pose as the pictures by Rembrandt or Vermeer. These are his new development you see after four years from his last exhibition. At the end of the book, you also see his drawings and the pictures of his atelier. You can explore Noguchi World through this book to the full extent.

131 pages


Tetsuya Noguchi


In 1999, he began studying oil painting at the art department of Hiroshima City University. He also started creating warrior statues using resin clay. He completed Hiroshima City University graduate school in 2005. His "Chanel Samurai Armor" attracted attention, which was exhibited in "Le Monde de Coco - Coco World by contemporary artists" held at Chanel · Nexus · Hall in 2007. His latest exhibit “From Medieval with Love”was held at Pola Museum Aneex in Tokyo, 2018.

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