Tsutomu Kawakami "Death makes it Eternal" Signed

Combining gothic sculpture, Japanese aesthetics, and Biblical iconography, Tsutomu Kawakami’s sculpture embodies the beauty of death. This is the first collection of Tsutomu Kawakami’s work, as he crafts a world that is like a haunted catacomb filled with porcelain dolls. He continues to create works using dry lacquer technique, kanshitsu, normally used to create statues of Buddha. 


“I believe that expressing "death" is an expression of "life," just as "death" in tarot cards has the meaning of both demise and rebirth.”

 “By sculpting a motif of death in the shape of a young girl, I sought to express the eternal beauty that lies within the cycle of death and life.”


Shows 44 works 

Text in Japanese

All 92 pages in color

Soft Cover