by Renzo Adler

Travel is a little tricky right now, but while on assignment in Tokyo, Phantasmic was able to take in the sights of the city.

graveUltraman greets you to the Gallery of Hakaba! Now buy something or he hits you with an Ultra-Beam.

World Kaikan. Some say this building near Nakano Broadway is haunted, but most say it's just kinda filthy.

The Akihabara branch of Yodobashi Camera has everything from high end rice cookers to Gundam kits. They have a pretty good food court, too.


The greatest anime hits of the Showa Era on display at Nakano Broadway.


Skullpanda toys at a pop-up shop in Shibuya. If you steal anything the one that's dressed like Spongebob will strangle you in your sleep.


Who needs to pay for rent/heat when you could have a vintage Kikaider kit instead?


Doraemon makes the scene at Miyashita Park! Sure, he helps that Nobita kid get his life in order, but when I ask him for advice I just get the cold shoulder!


A group of geese is a gaggle. A group of crows is a murder. Is a group of Godzilla called a radiation?


Mewtwo takes a power nap in a busy Shibuya shopping center. Not photographed: the ensuing onslaught that happened when he woke up.


Jimbocho is a personal favorite haunt of mine. It's the used book district of Tokyo and is great for finding art books, movie programs, vintage magazines, and curry too.


Vintage cameras on display in Shibuya, and a sign we cheekily ignored.


Trucks might be stalled across America right now, but at least you can take some of these model kits and have your own little convoy going.


cgirlsModel kits have become a popular way to occupy time during the pandemic. I wonder what makes these kits so popular?


Toys! From a vending machine! There, we made our legally obligated mention of wacky vending machines in Japan.


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